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Sales Detail

Sales Module

Using Sales module various sales transactions can be recorded, sales bills can be generated manually or automatically, party-wise sales statement can be generated.

  • Delivery Note - Pool items from all Sales Invoices per product Quotation for Institutional Sales
  • Counter sales, Credit sales - Multiple transaction at a time
  • Quick, Accurate and Crisp / Detailed Bills
  • Maintain Billing Norms, Right taxes discounts, item Code, Batch number, Buyer details etc.
  • Online Updating of Stocks
  • Classify stocks based on Batch stocks
  • Choose from range of Similar Product
  • Choice between Multiple MRP
  • FIFO - Or as specified.
  • Store current Location of the products
  • Periodic Statements
  • Avoid sale of expired products
  • Online short-list updating
  • Online Cash Box status - Right change tendered, Tally Cash status at any time
  • One way Traffic and Two way Traffic
  • Define Schemes and access this info during Sales
  • Generate Multiple copies of Bills
  • Editing facility
  • Surcharge/discount facility
  • Transact with Bar-code - least errors during Sale
  • Bill monitoring
  • Buy strips - sell loose
  • Total security of transactions
  • Customized bill printing