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......Dava Infotech : Retail ERP

The web-enabled windows software Retail ERP is the latest addition to the Dava Infotech product suite. Retail ERP uses Visual Basic as the front end and Microsoft Access as the backend. Retail plus is also available with SQL as the backend. It give solutoins on accounting, billing, inventory, POS, supply chain, business-automation-management.It is available for any retailing business, general/stationary stores or other retail shops like garment stores, readymade garments, shoe stores, super shoppe, departmental stores, toy & gift stores, super market, electronic stores, shopping malls, automobile spares & parts, computer hardware, kids stores, electrical & hardware stores, paint & hardware, consumer durables, gems & jewelry, mobile shoppe, watch shop or practically any Retailers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Traders, who deals in packaged commodities. Dava Infotech is making this unique software available across the country.
Today every business has become competitive. Efficiency is of prime importance. Retailers business is by its nature a complex one because he has to handle multiple issues like:

Product Issues
- Ensure adequate maintenance of stocks to ensure that no
product is out of stock.
- Ensure that money is not blocked in non-moving stock.
- Ensure that slow moving stock is kept at a minimum level.
- Keep a track of expiry of items in stock.
Customer Issues
- Avoid peak time crowding at the counter.
- Avoid billing errors.
- Keep customer transaction time to the minimum.
- Avoid loss of customers.
Supplier Issues
- Keep track of multiple transactions with distributors.
- Keep track of credit/debit notes, scheme availability & check
on prices.
- The difficult to maintain paperwork involved in purchase
- Time and money spent on keeping track of purchases from
Cash Management
- Ensure correct billing & collection at the counter, especially at
peak hours.
- Must know the cash in box status correctly. At the end of the day must have a positive balance in the cashbook?
- While the Retailer struggles with these issues, there are new external issues that are a threat to him. New retail chains that are coming online that are highly efficient & they offer lower prices, better service and are highly organized.

In order to compete, a retailer who wants to be competitive must computerize. Computers bring order to the, otherwise chaotic, way a retailer runs his business.
A Unique software having facility to accept preprinted Barcode