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Purchase Detail

Purchase Transactions

You can use purchase request or purchase order for refilling stocks.

  • Purchase details - Product, Batch, New Product
  • Automatic purchase short-lists - Supplier-wise
  • Choice of suppliers for each product and transaction
  • Information on Right price, Bonus Schemes, Discounts
  • Online status of Party's credit
  • Online information on last purchase rate
  • Automatic info on schemes availability - powerful reports
  • Info on unadjusted credit notes
  • Expiry check on purchase
  • Orders automatically generated based on minimum stock levels
  • Modify Purchase Requests, Monitor Status
  • Multiple Batches/Expiry dates/Prices
  • Generate Purchase Invoice (automatically)
  • Warn on unlicensed product
  • Determine open Qty. at time of ordering
  • Determine Sell Rate and profit Percentage during Goods In
  • Purchase Order for Distributor
  • Powerful Reports