A simple Secret to make profits via Inventory & Accounting Management !

Masters Detail

Master Data Defining and Maintenance

Masters store useful information you would need
for various transactions.

  • Over thousands products, traders in an up-to-date centralized database
  • Accounts: Creditors, Debtors, Banks, Cash, Assets, Expenses etc.
  • Products: Portal products, Medicines, General items, manufacturer etc.
  • Companies: Define Distributor/Manufacturer relations
  • New Products: purchase packing, selling packing, quantity per pack, UOMs, Grade, Stock levels, preferred suppliers, trade prices, tax details
  • Define: Patients, Party/Company, Generic Category, Drug Grouping, Actions, Transporters, Operators. Sales Man, Area details, Shelf
  • Track regular customers - Patient's history - Service will motivate other purchases Automatic Patient's data selection