A simple Secret to make profits via Inventory & Accounting Management !


How is DavaPlus the right software?
  • Persons using DavaPlus do not require being computer experts.
  • Any person at the shop counter can be trained to use DavaPlus.
  • DavaPlus requires only 6 keys to operate
  • One can move from one module to the other easily.
  • The pop-up menus ensure that the screens are easy to understand.

DavaPlus has modules that cover all aspects of the Retail Chemists’ operations. The product captures the entire business process of a Retailer in broad modules.

  • Transaction Module
  • Master Files Module
  • Report Menus
  • Other Operation Support Menus

DavaPlus provides all the benefits of computerisation listed under the question ‘What are the benefits of computerisation?’ given above.

How will DavaPlus help a chemist save money?

On making a through study of retailers where DavaPlus was used, it was found that there were large saving in the operational costs of a Retail Chemist. An estimate for possible savings are as given below:
A. A one time instant reduction in inventory cost of about Rs. 1.50 lacs.
As the DavaPlus was being implemented at these retailers, there was a one time instant reduction of inventory. This decrease occurred as non-moving and slow moving items were identified and removed from the stock. A major decrease also came from removal of expired items in stock.

B. Recurring benefit year after year.

  Benefit Savings per Year
1. Interest on reduced inventory
2. Avoid loss of sales
3. Freedom from calculation errors
4. Elimination of expired goods
5. Control on purchase rates
6. Automatic allocation of orders to distributors
7. Elimination of Accounts writing

Annual saving on computerisation is Rs. 1,65,400/- per annum or Rs. 13,783 per month.

The implementation of a single user version of DavaPlus requires an investment of Rs. 60,000/-. The savings on implementation, as above, means the investment is recovered in about 4 months

There are also benefits that are seen that can not be stated in terms of money. These are:

  1. Ease of operation reduces the stress and hardship of running a Retail Chemist business, giving the owner – peace of mind.
  2. Allows the owner to be away from the shop without loosing control on cash at the counter and the stock at the shop.
  3. Owner can concentrate on other businesses, if he desires.
  4. Gives the owner more time to be with his family.

DavaPlus Products: Feature - Benefits

DavaPlus Stand Alone version - A chemist having the daily counter of less than Rs. 7000/- will find one single PC adequate. Hence he need to opt for Stand Alone version.

  • During the peak time computer is used only for sales and all the other activities like purchase, bank transactions, debit/credit notes etc. are performed during slack time with a proper scheduling of daily activities.

DavaPlus LAN version - A chemist having the daily counter of above Rs. 7000/- will find one single PC i.e. Stand alone version inadequate. Therefore, such a chemist needs to opt for LAN Version. The critical advantage of LAN Version is as follows:

  • During the peak time i.e. at rush hours all the PCs (Personal Computer) can be operated for sales. This will help in servicing a customer in quick time and will also ensure that no customer goes away.
  • Since every PC can perform all the operation for standard daily operation, activity can be split between the different PCs connected through LAN.
  • One PC for purchase entries and creating purchase orders.
  • The second PC can be allocated for accounts and generating daily reports such as expiry, sales, products, and customer history.
  • Owner can have one independent PC with using password facility and also can have control on cash management, sales and purchases, expiry goods and daily reports.

Thus the LAN Version helps in carrying out number of operations simultaneously from any of these machines as well as comfort for owners to operate from an independent machine to access all information/reports as per the need.

DavaPlus Hospital Module - This is an add-on module specifically designed for retail chemists attached to hospitals. The added facilities are as follows:

  • To keep track of inward number, account name and patients’ name.
  • The statement can be generated for a specific patient as and when required as per user request.
  • Another added facility is a special report that gives voucher-wise sales and date-wise sales for a given period.

DavaPlus Bar Code Module - This systems mechanises the entire operations giving following advantages:

  • Reduces the dependency on skilled manpower totally as any person can do the billing.
  • The billing is done at a greater speed thus reducing the billing time substantially.
  • Human error of keying wrong medicine or description gets eliminated completely and ensures the medicine is charged with right price.
  • The labeling work can be done at off-period time.
  • Bar Code facility becomes a critical tool for serving number of customer in peak period particularly for the shops having monthly turnover in excess of 5 lacs.

A ready reckoner for chemist for selecting ideal package

Necessarily a chemist needs to have, in addition to our products following hardwares:

  • Proper branded PC.
  • Dot matrix printer (TVSE make).
  • UPS having a capacity of minimum 15-min backup time in Metro & minimum 1hr backup in other places.
Chemist Profile Ideal Package
1. Owner + 1 or 2 counter salesman
Monthly turnover less than Rs. 2 lacs
1. DavaPlus (Stand-Alone)
2. PC - 1 number
3. Dot Matrix Printer - 1 number
4. UPS -1 number
2. Owner + 3 to 5 counter salesman
Monthly turnover
Rs. 2 lacs - Rs. 4 lacs

1. DavaPlus (LAN 1+1)
2. PCs - 2 numbers
3. Dot Matrix Printer - 1 number
4. UPS –2 numbers

1. DavaPlus (Stand-Alone) & Bar Code module
2. PC – 1 number
3. Dot Matrix Printer - 1 number
4. UPS – 1 number
5. Bar Code Printer – 1 number
6. Bar Code Scanner – 1 number

3. Owner + 3 to 5 counter salesman
Monthly turnover
Rs. 4 lacs - Rs.6 lacs
1. DavaPlus (LAN 1+1) & Bar Code module
2. PCs - 2 numbers
3. Dot Matrix Printer - 1 number
4. UPS – 2 numbers
5. Bar Code Printer - 1 number
6. Bar Code Scanner - 1 number
4. Owner + 4 to 7 counter salesman
Monthly turnover more than Rs. 6 lacs
1. DavaPlus (LAN 2-8 users) & Bar Code module
2. PCs - 3 or 5 in number
3. Dot Matrix Printers - 2 numbers
4. UPS -1 per PC
5. Bar Code Printer - 1 number
6. Bar Code Scanner - 1 number


What Hardware/Software Configuration Required?

Minimum Hardware/Software Configuration Required is Listed Below:

  • Pentium-IV With Following Configuration
    • 2.4 GHZ Processor
    • 256 MB RAM
    • 40 GB HardDisk
    • Windows Operating System like Windows98, Windows2000 and Onwards.
  • Dot Matrics Printer