A simple Secret to make profits via Inventory & Accounting Management !


Benefits of DavaPlus

Using DavaPlus, you can achieve increased control over business, savings in operational costs, improved customer relationships and loyalty.

  • Power to efficiently scale up your business volume
  • Connect to other traders using the optional Web connectivity
  • Improved Cash Flows - Operational Cost Savings
  • Prevent Stock Out (Loss on Sale), Prevent Excess Stock (Loss on Interest), Prevent Pilferage
  • All in One Productivity System
  • Easy to Learn and Simple to Use Solution - No extensive computer training required
  • Connect to DavaPlus from your existing programs.
  • Owner's peace of mind (even when you are away from shop)
  • Brings total control on the Business
  • Utilize manpower more effectively
  • Security of business data
  • Friendly adviser on Sales/Purchase decisions
  • Automatic update of data